iSpeed Virtual HUD and Data Logger for iRacing Review

29 August 2017
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iSpeed Virtual HUD Review iSpeed

iSpeed is a free virtual dash and telemetry logging system for iRacing.  At its core you can simply just use it as a virtual dash like dashmeterPro or for telemetry logging and comparison just as you would with the virtual racing school software.

When using iSpeed in conjunction with a second monitor you can display all the data that you would expect from virtual dash software. The HUD component of iSpeed supports the following:

  • Supports second monitor
  • windowed mode
  • tablet phone etc (this requires purchase)
  • Audio of lap times using windows text to speech
  • Shows your best splits
  • Auto saves best lap times and setups

The lap analyser part of iSpeed is were the tool really shines in my opinion.  The online “datamart” allows yourself and iSpeed users to upload your various lap times so that they can be shared and analysed with other racers.  With this data you can compare your driving line, brake, throttle and steering inputs to see were you are losing and gaining time.  This feature is really great for free software and I feel works better than the virtual racing school and iAnalyze software.  The big thing you need to lookout for are the weather conditions that the lap times have been set in, as this can have a big effect on lap times.

The software is highly recommended and works with all modern windows versions.

I highly recommend reading Troy Schulz One Second At A Time which is an excellent guide for using iSpeed.

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