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17 April 2017
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Best Sim Racing Shifter Sequential and H Pattern Shifters

One of the more overlooked pieces of sim racing equipments is the sim racing shifter. The shifter can make your sim racing experience much more immersive especially if you use one which is the best sim racing shifter.  The best shifter will provide the sim racing enthusiast with a high level of feel just like a real racing driver would experience when shifting gears.  Not only will a high quality sim racing shifter provide you with more immersion in your sim racing but due to the quality components should last a long time as well.

Derek Speare Designs (DSD)

DSD have been around since 2011 and have been servicing the race sim community with great high end gear since this time.  DSD have designed and created one of the best sequential sim racing shifters going around. The DSD Pro Sequential Shifter Best Sim Racing Shifterhas been designed and manufactured in the US and has been made with heavy duty switches that are rated for over 1 Million cycles.  The sequential shifter retails for $300 and you can check it out here.







The Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ is the best sim racing shifter from Fanatec.  Unlike the DSD shifter the Fanatec model is capable of being both a sequential shifter or an H pattern shifter with a flick of a switch an comes both with a sequential gear knob Fanatec Best Sim Racing Shifterand sequential gear knob plus it's threading is capable of supporting aftermarket gear knobs to customise it's appearance.  The Fanatec shifter is a full metal construction inside an out.  The quality components that Fanatec have chosen give this shifter a really good genuine feel and is a favorite with the sim racing community. You can visit Fanatec here.









Also known as Thomas Super Wheel are manufacturers of high end race sim equipment ranging from racing wheels right through to some of the best sim racing shifters that money can buy.  TSW make and design a number of different gated and Custom 6 Speed T 4813597c4153dsequential shifters depending on your requirements.   TSW sell 4 speed gated shifters upto to 6 speed gated shifters and one sequential shifter unlike the Fanatec shifter that can be changed from gated to sequential at the flick of a switch.   The gated shifter features a leather look a like boot, heavy duty steel construction and round shift knob.  The TSW shifter retails for $410 and you can find out more from their website.

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