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Release Notes for 2017 Season 4 [2017.09.05.01] This season release features a wide array of new content including a pair of cars, a pair of tracks, and a hearty dose of updates all around.
iSpeed is a free virtual dash and telemetry logging system for iRacing. At its core you can simply just use it as a virtual dash like dashmeterPro or for telemetry logging and comparison just as you would with the virtual racing school software. When using iSpeed in conjunction with a second monitor you can display all the data that you would expect from virtual dash software. The HUD component of iSpeed supports the following: Supports second monitor windowed mode tablet phone etc (this requires purchase) Audio of lap times using windows text to speech Shows your best splits Auto saves…
iRacing Setups Depending on the series or league your involved in the iRacing setups could either be fixed (everyone uses the same iRacing setup) or open (everyone can run a custom iRacing setup). Depending on the car there might be minimal things that you can change like on the skip barber or there could be lots of things to change if your racing the F1 car. The baseline setup that iRacing provides for each car and track combination is a great place to start modifying your setup.
How To Build An iRacing Computer - The Gaming PC Build Guide In this gaming pc build guide we will be looking at how to build an iRacing computer. The guide will provide information on what components are required to build a basic computer system for iRacing. But really this guide can be used to build any computer system.
iRacing Guide With iRacing Tips For Beginners In this iRacing guide, I'll be focusing on iRacing tips for beginners and the things that can be done to fast track your way out of rookies. Plus other iRacing tips and tricks that can be useful to help with your driving, which in turn will increase your safety rating and iRating.
Choosing the best iRacing forum can greatly help the sim racer get the most out of this online racing platform. There are many internet forums out there dedicated to racing simulations of all types but not many apart from the official iRacing Forum have regular updates. The purpose of this post is to list some of the iRacing forums that I visit often. Each of these forums have their own pros and cons but each do offer some variety from iRacing promo codes, latest news and reviews of race sim hardware and reviews of specific iRacing apps.
iRacing Requirements As listed on iRacing's site the minimum iRacing requirements for your iRacing PC build are as follows: Windows 7 64 Bit Intel Core i3, AMD Bulldozer CPU 8GB RAM Nvidia GeForce 2xx, AMD 5xxx The listed componenents will obviousle be the bare minimum to run iRacing with reduced features and experience. Obviously if you want to run dirt, VR and multiple screen you will need to exceed these iRacing system requirements.
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Brook Racing Team is an Australian eSports racing sim team featuring in the iRacing IMSA, Blancpain Sprint and Pro Mazda Series.  Along with running in the Sim Racers Asia GTE Competition.  Once pCars2 is released we will be competing in the eSports competitions as well.

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