Race Report - IMSA Sports Cars Watkins Glen - Season 3, Week 2, 2017

30 June 2017
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Week 2 of Season 3,17 came from the historic Watkins Glen using the Boot layout.  The race circuit is fast with some tricky slow and medium speed corners with elevation and camber changes which can throw the car of course if you are not careful.


Qualy didn't go too badly with a midfield position gained and only fractions of a second away from the top ten which was a good result.


The race was very eventful at the start with a big accident in the first couple of corners which I came through unscathed.  After the first lap I was well in the top ten and looking to push towards the top five.  Over the subsequent laps I made a couple of errors which put me out of the top ten and then pitted early to try for an undercut.  The undercut paid off at the end with a top ten finish and some strong lap times.  Overall I was pretty happy with the result but it could have been better.


Position Name Qualified Out Interval Fastest Lap Time Pts
1 Paolo Tisi2 1 Running -0 1:45.812 96
2 Olivier Darras 3 Running -26.363 1:46.673 92
3 Timothy Hargrave 8 Running -44.338 1:46.911 88
4 Chris Tzambazis 2 Running -1:00.937 1:47.217 84
5 Josef Sochor 4 Running -1:01.232 1:47.242 81
6 Yusuke Nodake 12 Running -1:17.443 1:47.351 77
7 Ahmed Alkuwari 9 Running -1:19.183 1:47.023 73
8 Valery Vodchits 11 Running -1:20.249 1:47.632 70
9 Benjamin Brook 14 Running -1:21.784 1:47.115 66
10 Jason Cange 16 Running -1:35.275 1:47.947 62
11 Javier Alonso T 13 Running -1:41.877 1:47.888 59
12 Gia Gogolashvili 10 Running -1 L 1:48.242 55
13 Steven Dart 15 Running -1 L 1:47.313 51
14 Roger Edwards 24 Running -1 L 1:47.489 48
15 Matthew P Coleman 17 Running -1 L 1:48.172 44
16 Dominik Bramreiter 23 Running -1 L 1:48.013 40
17 Daniel Kraus 6 Running -1 L 1:47.219 36
18 Julien Mauduit 20 Disconnected -4 L 1:49.789 33
19 Daniel Smith5 19 Disqualified -5 L 1:48.903 29
20 Mitchell Parsons 21 Disconnected -6 L 1:48.649 25
21 Marcelo Genta Filho 18 Running -8 L 1:48.623 22
22 Ronnie Sewell 25 Running -12 L 1:47.551 18
23 Craig Hobson 7 Disconnected -25 L 1:47.706 14
24 Luis Castillo 22 Disqualified -28 L 1:50.713 11
25 Yuuya Tsukada 5 Disconnected -36 L 1:48.628 7
26 Mark Dredge 26 Disconnected -42 L   0
27 Hamish Mcculloch3 27 Disconnected -42 L   0


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    The race got off to a good start and without any issues and I was able to find a good groove sitting in 4th position for the pit stop phase of the race.  After the pit stop phase I was sitting in 3rd position and was being harrassed by the 4th place driver for a number of laps before he dropped off the pace.  The last few laps became rather exciting when the driver in 1st place had a spin which let me catch right up to the back of him and we had a great battle which came down to .1 of second as we crossed the line.  So in the end a great an entertaining race with me finishing second for a good points haul.

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