Codemasters Formula One 2017 Review PC - The Best Codemasters F1 Sim To Date

17 October 2017
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Codemasters F1 2017 Review Codemasters

The Codemasters Formula One Series for the most part has been of good quality with a couple of quirks here and there that have taken away from the overall feel of the sim.

F1 2016 was a good game but felt little more than a driver and livery update.  With F1 2017 Codemasters have recreated the new look cars with bigger tires and better aero performance which makes these cars corner like a dream compared to there 2016 counterparts.

Overall when playing the game with all the assists turned off the cars are twitchy if you give them too much throttle especially in the lower gears but no were near as hard to control than the 2016 cars.

I enjoyed the various practice programs which have been increased from last years game.  We now have fuel saving and race performance programs to complete.  The results of these programs allows for the pit and race strategy to be enhanced from your actual practice program data as opposed to the games best guess.  I especially like this as some tracks I can be quite hard on the tires and it’s nice for the game to recognise this and adjust the strategy to suit me.

The rivalry system and R&D has been revamped for this years edition.  With the game taking into account a lot more factors when it works out your reputation with other teams and your current team.  The R&D system now has various trees in which you can upgrade your car, bearing in mind that some of these upgrades can fail.

Formula One 2017 R&D

The AI seems to be a lot more aggressive in this years version with the opponents defending their positions quite hard and at times running into you.  I feel the AI is a bit over aggressive in this manner but it does make the racing interesting.  The AI however do seem to be quite slow when following another car which can make them easy to catch in races.

Like the 2013 version there many historic cars that you can race in various events throughout your career.  These are:


1998 McLaren MP4/4

1991 McLaren MP4/6

1992 Williams FW14B

1995 Ferrari 412T2

1996 Williams FW18

1998 McLaren MP4-13

2002 Ferrari F2002

2004 Ferrari F2004

2006 Renault R26

2007 Ferrari F2007

2008 McLaren MP4-23

2010 Red Bull RB6

Overall I have found the 2017 version of Formula One to be an enjoyable experience with the ability to do formation laps and the use of the virtual safety car makes for the most authentic Formula One experience going around.  It’’ be interesting to see how the official F1 sports part to the game turns out.

With my system I am able to run the game at 1080P with all the graphics settings turned all the way up.

My system


16Gb RAM

Nvidia Geforce 980


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